Multi-Author Writing Style Analysis 2024


  • Task: Given a document, determine at which positions the author changes.
  • Input: Reddit comments, combined into documents [data].
  • Output: Where does authorship change on the paragraph level [validator].
  • Evaluation: F1 [code].
  • Submission: TIRA.


Details will be announced at a later date.

Data [download]

Details will be announced at a later date.


Once you finish tuning your approach on the validation set, your software will be tested on the test set. During the competition, the test sets will not be released publicly. Instead, we ask you to submit your software for evaluation at our site as follows.

We ask you to prepare your software so that it can be executed via command line calls. The command shall take as input (i) an absolute path to the directory of the test corpora and (ii) an absolute path to an empty output directory:


Within INPUT-DIRECTORY, you will find the set of problem instances (i.e., problem-[id].txt files) for each of the three datasets, respectively. For each problem instance you should produce the solution file solution-problem-[id].json in the respective OUTPUT-DIRECTORY. For instance, you read INPUT-DIRECTORY/problem-12.txt, process it, and write your results to OUTPUT-DIRECTORY/solution-problem-12.json.

In general, this task follows PAN's software submission strategy described here.

Note: By submitting your software you retain full copyrights. You agree to grant us usage rights only for the PAN competition. We agree not to share your software with a third party or use it for other purposes than the PAN competition.

Task Committee