Style Change Detection 2020


  • Task: Given two documents, determine if they are written by the same author.
  • Training data: TBD [download]
  • Output format: TBD [verifier]
  • Performance measure: TBD [download]
  • Submission: Tira evaluation platform. [submit]
  • Baselines: TBD
Details will be announced later.
  • PAN@CLEF'18 (Overview of the Author Identification Task at PAN-2018: Cross-domain Authorship Attribution and Style Change Detection)
  • PAN@CLEF'17 (Overview of the Author Identification Task at PAN-2017 and Style Breach Detection section)
  • PAN@CLEF'16 (Clustering by Authorship Within and Across Documents and Author Diarization section)
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Task Committee