PAN @ FIRE 2015

This is the 2nd evaluation lab on source code re-use detection and the 1st evaluation lab on plagiarism detection in Arabic text. PAN@FIRE will be held as part of the FIRE 2015 Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation in Gandhinagar, India, on December 4-6, 2015.

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Cross-Language Detection of SOurce COde Re-use

Given a source code, is it an original?

This task focuses on the detection of cross-language source code re-use. It is about searching for likely source code pairs written in different programming languages of being a re-use case.

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Plagiarism Detection in Arabic Text

Given a document written in Arabic, does it contain plagiarism?

This task offers to you the opportunity to evaluate your plagiarism detection method on Arabic documents. It is composed of two sub-tasks: External Plagiarism Detection & Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection. Participants can participate to one or both sub-tasks.

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