PAN has become a network of experts on digital text forensics. Many actively contribute, hundreds are following up on the latest developments. You are welcome to join the network. Take part in PAN's shared tasks, develop new technology, compile new evaluation datasets, share your achievements with the community, offer community service, or just listen in.

What you can do at PAN

PAN is a community-driven effort. If you want to help push forward the digital text forensics, all other PAN community members will gladly help you make it happen. There's a number of ways big and small in which you can contribute.

Participate in a Task

Got an idea how to solve one of PAN's main tasks? Brilliant! All you have to do is to register for the task you wish to tackle. You will be given access to a virtual machine on TIRA, and may then evaluate your new approach. For some of the tasks, we organize annual events where you can present your results.

Submit Data

Got a new dataset for one of PAN's task? We welcome the submission of new datasets to all tasks. As long as the dataset is formatted the same way as the other datasets for the same task, all software submitted by previous participants on that task can be run against it.

Organize an Event

Have an idea for an event around the digital text forensics? It can be a new task you wish to develop, a workshop, a special issue in a journal. Get in touch with us to discuss how it can be integrated into PAN.

Get in Touch

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