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Workshop Program

PAN at CLEF 2015

PAN is co-located with the CLEF conference and will be held from September 08 to 11, 2015.

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September 8
11:00-13:00 Lab Overviews 1
30 min. talk Overview of the PAN/CLEF 2015 Evaluation Lab
Efstathios Stamatatos, Martin Potthast, Francisco Rangel, Paolo Rosso, and Benno Stein
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Lab Overviews 2
September 9
Keynotes, Chair: Paolo Rosso
08:30-09:30 Deception Detection in Criminal Analysis: From Lie Detector to Stylometry
Tommaso Fornaciari
09:30-10:30 Author Profiling in Practice
Walter Daelemans
10:30-11:00 Break + Posters
Author Identification, Chair: Efstathios Stamatatos
11:00-11:30 Overview of the Author Identification Task at PAN 2015
Efstathios Stamatatos, Walter Daelemans, Ben Verhoeven, Patrick Juola, Aurelio López López, Martin Potthast, and Benno Stein
11:30-11:50 Author Verification: Basic Stacked Generalization Applied To Predictions from a Set of Heterogeneous Learners
Erwan Moreau, Arun Jayapal, Gerard Lynch, and Carl Vogel
11:50-12:10 GLAD: Groningen Lightweight Authorship Detection
Manuela Hürlimann, Benno Weck, Esther van den Berg, Simon Šuster, and Malvina Nissim
12:10-12:30 Homotopy Based Classification for Author Verification Task
Josue Gutierrez, Jose Casillas, Paola Ledesma, Gibran Fuentes, and Ivan Meza
12:30-12:50 An Author Verification Approach Based on Differential Features
Alberto Bartoli, Alex Dagri, Andrea De Lorenzo, Eric Medvet, and Fabiano Tarlao
12:50-13:00 Discussion
13:00-14:00 Lunch + Posters
19:30 City Hall Welcome Reception
Poster Sessions
All participants are invited to present their work as a poster
September 10
10:00-12:00 CLEF Sessions Best of the Labs 2014
30 min. talk Adaptive Algorithm for Plagiarism Detection
Miguel A. Sánchez-Pérez, Alexander Gelbukh and Grigori Sidorov
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Author Profiling, Chair: Francisco Rangel
13:30-14:00 Overview of the 3rd Author Profiling Task at PAN 2015
Francisco Rangel, Fabio Celli, Paolo Rosso, Martin Potthast, Benno Stein, and Walter Daelemans
14:00 Award of appreciation for the overall best performing author profiling approach, sponsored by MeaningCloud.
14:00-14:20 INAOE's Participation at PAN'15: Author Profiling Task
Miguel A. Álvarez-Carmona, A. Pastor López-Monroy, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda, and Hugo Jair Escalante
14:20-14:40 Tweets Classification Using Corpus Dependent Tags, Character and POS N-grams
Carlos E. González-Gallardo, Azucena Montes, Gerardo Sierra, J. Antonio Núñez-Juárez, Adolfo Jonathan Salinas-López, and Juan Ek
14:40-15:00 XRCE Personal Language Analytics Engine for Multilingual Author Profiling
Scott Nowson, Julien Perez, Caroline Brun, Shachar Mirkin, and Claude Roux
15:00-15:20 A Random Forest Approach for Authorship Profiling
Alonso Palomino-Garibay, Adolfo T. Camacho-González, Ricardo A. Fierro-Villaneda, Irazú Hernández-Farias, Davide Buscaldi, and Ivan V. Meza-Ruiz
15:20-15:30 Discussion
15:30-16:00 Break
Plagiarism Detection, Chair: Martin Potthast
16:00-16:30 Towards Data Submissions for Shared Tasks: First Experiences for the Task of Text Alignment
Martin Potthast, Steve Göring, Paolo Rosso, and Benno Stein
16:30-17:00 Joint Talk on 3 Data Submissions to Text Alignment and 1 Source Retrieval Algorithm
Habibollah Asghari, Khadijeh Khoshnava, Omid Fatemi, Heshaam Faili, Vahid Zarrabi, Salar Mohtaj, and Javad Rafiei
17:00-17:20 The Short Stories Corpus
Faisal Alvi, Mark Stevenson, and Paul Clough
17:20-17:40 Improving Synoptic Querying for Source Retrieval
Šimon Suchomel and Michal Brandejs.
17:40-18:00 Discussion
18:00-19:00 Concert
20:00 Conference Dinner
Poster Sessions
All participants are invited to present their work as a poster