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Workshop Submission

PAN at CLEF 2010

PAN is co-located with the CLEF conference and will be held from September 20 to 23, 2010.

Benefits for Early Birds

If you submit a working prototype of your software before the Early Bird software submission deadline, we will pre-evaluate it on a subset of your task's test data and notify you of your performance. Based on the pre-evaluation, you may revise and resubmit your software for the full evaluation by March 1, 2010.

If you register for the CLEF conference by their tentative early bird registration, you may do so at a reduced fee.

Software Submission [See the TIRA User Guide]

PAN uses TIRA for all submissions. After registration, you will get remote access to a TIRA virtual machine (Windows or Linux) to deploy your task software in. The software must be executable from the command line and not require Internet access during the evaluation period. Note that you retain full copyright of your software, but agree to grant us usage rights only for the purpose of the competition.

If not noted otherwise, your software must be executable from command line and take the directory path for input and output data respectively as arguments:

mySoftware -i input/data/directory -o output/data/directory

Notebook Submission [Download Template][Submit Notebook]

We ask you to submit a notebook paper for each task you participated in, describing your approach. Your notebooks will be published as part of the CLEF conference proceedings. Submission of notebooks is done electronically through Easychair. Please follow the Submission guidelines

The deadline for notebook submission is the June 10, 2010. The notebook must follow the Springer LNCS style guide. Please describe only the approach you implemented to solve the task. Although there is no strict page limit, we ask you to write no more than 10 pages. For your convenience, we provide a template for Latex and Word.