PAN @ CLEF 2018

This is the 18th evaluation lab on digital text forensics. PAN will be held as part of the CLEF conference in Avignon, France, on September 10-14, 2018. Evaluations will commence from January till June. We invite you to take part in any of the three tasks shown below.

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Author Identification

Given a document, who wrote it?

One subtask focuses on cross-domain authorship attribution applied in fanfiction and another subtask focuses on style change detection.

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Author Profiling

Given a document, what're its author's traits?

This task focuses on age and gender, whereas text and image may be used as information sources of tweets in English, Spanish and Arabic.

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Author Obfuscation

Given a document, hide its author.

This task works against identification and profiling by automatically paraphrasing a text to obfuscate its author's style. The tasks offered are author masking and obfuscation evaluation.

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